These are a few of my favourite things;

Forgot how much I loved this song! Perfect inspiration for my halloween costume too!


Yesterday Dani and I made a random trip to the Delta Animal Shelter and boy was it a sad sight. When telling the two girls working in the office we were interested in adopting a dog their response was entirely lack lustre. “We don’t really have many dogs, they are around the side of the building, and there are cats in the trailers.” That was all they said to us. I was a little bit shocked, shouldn’t they give us some back stories on the dogs? Ask us what we’re looking for? At least trrryy to get these animals a home? Apparently not. They had these four adorable dogs all happy as could be to see us, which was only more saddening. We fell in love with all four of them and wanted to take them home, however it’s just not possible. But I thought maybe I’d post the pictures we took of them on here, and maybe someone else could help them!

I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In - Taylor Swift

Yup.. T Swizzle has moved from country to pop and now to dubstep. Sweet mother of pearl what is going on in this world of music!? I can’t lie though… I like it. However I give it two months before this song is more over played than Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her new album, that’s for sure. 

Having a bad day? Dance it out to this…

I must say, I have to appreciate the brutal honesty from family members. I wish we lived in a world where everyone could just give honest constructive criticism without being fearful that the person being criticized is going to slap you in the face or break into tears. Why can’t we learn to take everything with a grain a salt? I’d rather know what could be done to improve myself than have people just thinking the negative about me. That’s why we love our family though. They can tell us straight up, and I appreciate that. 

The Maybe Monster

When do we become real? When do we stop playing the game where we play pretend and act like we are everything positive that we envision ourselves to be? Is it really fair to know the truth in our heads yet keep the charade going due to common courtesy of not wanting to bear the ugly truth? I mean, we all WANT to be that perfect person we have planned in our heads, but we know it’s not going to happen every day. Maybe we aren’t lying to the other person, but rather ourselves. Choosing not to believe that’s actually who we are, and that maybe this time things will be different. Maybe this time that monster will have retired and we can be something entirely better. Just maybe. 

"Cause the sign says run"

The Airborne Toxic Event was one of the bands that really impressed me at Live at Squamish. A great show for sure and I cannot wait for their next here. 

"I was thinking that if you know a way out then I’d like to go with you"

I absolutely love this song. Another great show by Our Lady Peace tonight. My second this year in fact! Their music, both lyrically and musically, just makes me feel so safe and so at peace. My favourite band, hands down. Much love and appreciation. 

I love how they’ve done this trailer, and I really wanna see ParaNorman! 

Late night listenings; The Airborne Toxic Event - The Graveyard Near The House

It’s interesting how you can listen to a song so much and all of a sudden a certain line will hit you. Is it because we rarely actually listen to the words being sung? Or does a trigger go off in our head when it means something more particular to us at a certain time? 

"But it’s better to love whether you win or lose or die."